lördag 14 april 2012

I am me, who are you?

I am a woman that loves a man. I am a woman that never had a relationship with another woman. I am a woman that has never had sex with another woman. Yet I feel in my heart that I am bisexual. Does that count?

Am I allowed to fight the hbtq fight with the rest of the bunch?
Am I allowed to speak for other bisexuals?
Should I "come out" properly?

Do I have a say?

I am only me, I can be nobody else. I have my own views, my own thoughts and my own way of doing things. I believe that we are all uniqe and that we are all equal. I also believe, very strongly, that there is a time to fight, and a time to love.

And there is a time to go slowly and carfully forward in order to gain more ground that one does in wild rabid warfare.

Everyone is not your enemy. Some people has just not learned yet.
They are not there.
But they will be.
And when they get there, you better not have made an enemy out of them.

Finally,  for those who remain conservative stiff idiots by choice, lets join forces and kick the crap out of them.

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