tisdag 28 februari 2012


After writing about this and that and specific topics in different blogs, I am now getting tired of keeping it all together and I am starting this blog, the blog that will connect all loose ends and merge all things. Almost. The Happy Goats blog will still be its own. My older blogs will either die or get linked from here, but I will no longer write on them, I will keep my writing here and if I want to write about something that used to be its own blog, I will tag it accordingly. Also, as you see, I will write this in english, since the majority of my net friends are not Swedish.

As this is my first post in the new blog, I will link to my older blogs, the one that counts anyway:

Living with the monkey boys

Explaining mental abuse

My life in photos

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My blog links

My life in photos My old photoblog.

Living with the monkeyboys My old blog about the kids and their problems.

Explaining mental abuse My blog about mental abuse. I started it as a help for myself to work with all the remaining issues of my experience of this.

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