torsdag 1 mars 2012

Sore throath and far to little sleep

I fell asleep this night at a little over two a clock. I woke up this morning at a quarter past seven by the kids father who called and told me that I need to make a doctors appointment for our oldest son, today. I was humming and wheezing and managed to say that I have, in fact, two meetings today, and that I might not be able to take the son to the doctor. Of course, my meetings (even if doctors appointmens etc) always comes last. When I had been phoning and waiting and phoning and waiting, and finally gotten an appointement rather early, the ex sends me an sms saying that he can take the son if it is an early appointement. How nice. During all this I have also realised that I need to cancel one of my appointements since my voice has almost stopped working and my throath feels like I am pulling barbed wire up and down in it.

As for the son, it turned out that his habit to bite his nails, and cuticles, as well as not beeing a very hygenic person, has given him a bad infection in a couple of fingers. One of them was swollen big and filled with pus. 

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