torsdag 8 mars 2012

The map that swallowed me, almost

A couple of days ago I started learning how to draw an old map in photoshop. I originally planned to use it as a background on the blog, but it ended up getting to big. After experimenting with different teqniqes and such, I got really into it and started thinking of other uses for drawing old maps.

Treasure hunt! Yes, I could arrange a treasure hunt and make a map...hmmm, yes a map that is of this town, around the viking ages. Oh, and I could look up old rune stones, and such, and locate them on the map, and use them as land marks in the treasure hunt. And I could talk to the teachers in the kids school, and ask if I could do this for all the kids classes, as a one day project. And the kids would have to divide into groups and..hmm. I should also go to the library and look up old maps so I will get the map EXACTLY correct, and see how the cost line looked in those days etc. And then I need to find out who has an A3 printer that I can use. As you can understand, I get too intense too fast and I get caught up in the project. Earlier, this would have been a big problem, because things like this take more time and energy then I currently have, but as for now, I managed to handle it pretty well. I did went to the library, look at maps and I have a plan in my head, and maybe I will use it some day.

But not today!

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