söndag 4 mars 2012

Special interests

The problem with beeing me is that I get so engorged in things. I dive deep into the topic of wich I am interested and I can't really see beyond the interest. Very often, something that started out as a need, for example, a need for more bra's, turns into a big, fun ”sew a bra” project that takes up all my time, consumes me and makes me read and learn everything about it. If it is a topic or area that suits me, I usually end up following through with it all, but if it turns out its not something I would be really good at, I still can't tear myself from the flow of the big project. I just have to learn all, know all and dive into the deepest knowledge of it. It's very exhausting. My interests vary, or rather, they vary within the topics that are my main interests. When I was younger I always thought that every new interest that I got was the big one, the ultimate one, the one and only interest from now on and forever. Thats how it feels. Now in my later years, I have learned to let myself go with the flow, but still be clear about that it will not be what I do for the rest of my life.

I don't know if this is just how I am about the so called ”special interests” that are so common with asperger people or if other have similar experiences. My kids are not that old yet and its hard to see how they will becom in this area later on. They do get very intense about things, that much is clear.

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