måndag 12 mars 2012

The reason for my energy drain today

Today, I was driving my former mother in law to her dermatologist. When she asked me to do this about 4 weeks ago, she said, "Its in place A". When she called me the following weeks (3 times) she said "Its in place A". I asked my ex if he had seen the papers, and knew more exactly, he said, "Its in place A, the elevators just by the taco resturant. This morning, I was outside her home at 10.15. Her idéa, she wants to be early. 10.28 she comes running to the car, the small dog trying to keep up. "Oh I got so stressed when I saw you were already here since we were going to meet at 10.30" she says..

After everyone is in the car, I drive away. After a while on the highway, we pass an exit to place B, and a minute later, another exit to place B. Yet a couple of minutes later she says "Are we in place B yet?" Me: "No, we just passed it, since we are going to place A". She: "No, my doctor is at place B". I ask her if she brought the paper she had gotten, no she forgot. I ask her if she remembers the name of the doctors office, no she forgot and she didn't have the phone number. Several minutes later, we have agreed on going to place A, and see if se recognize anything.

Upon arriving at the parking place "I dont recognize anything". When entering the mall (in wich the doctors office supposedly is) "I dont recognize anything". When finally finding the elevator, by wich the text "Doctors office, 5th floor" is "I dont recognize anything". After getting to 5th floor "This is wrong, I dont recognize it". I walked to the door, cursing inside and thinking I would ask the staff if they could see her appointement, before I went and drove to place B. Then I saw a sign with the names of two dermatologists and commented "At least they have dermatologists here" and my ex mother in law says "That one is my doctor." Oh well....

We go inside, get to the dermatologist section and she sits down to wait. I go back to the car to walk the tiny tiny dog, wich almost takes of in the strong wind, but is happy anyway. After going back to fetch the ex mother in law, she says "Oh I am so happy you followed me here, now you can take me every time since you know where it is". Drats! To make things even more fun, when we got back to the car, someone had parked so that there was about 10 cm between my car and the one next to it. I had to climb in from the passenger side. Fucking hell I say, sometimes I get so mad.

But there are good things in all days, even if only small, today I got really early for my water gym class and got a place in the deep section. Go me!

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